Staying the Course

© Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons, via Wikimedia Commons

Greatness is a lot of small things done well, day after day, workout after workout, obedience after obedience; day after day – Ray Lewis

Following up with yesterday’s blog post of “Done is Better than Perfect“, I wanted to take my daily 30 minutes to examine bit by bit the areas where I want to measure and continuously improve. Why 30 minutes? Since the desire of always wanting every article to be perfect (which would require lots of time and effort) has been my enemy, I wanted to stick to a small unit of time which would force me to write something and then ship it out. 30 minutes seemed like a good balance between having enough time to develop my thoughts and write something decent, and not too much time that I start attempting to write my next masterpiece. So what things do I want to examine first? I’ll probably start with health first, since health is wealth. The minimum standards I want to maintain are:

    • Sleep per day is 7.5 hours (quantified by Sleep Cycle, and no I’m not sponsored by them)
    • Exercise 30 minutes a day following the New Blood exercise schedule of Convict Conditioning (once again, not sponsored by author or publisher)
    • Excrete feces minimum twice a day
      • This forces me to constantly look out for food that provides lots of fiber. And just so happens that vegetables and fruits contain lots of fiber, which I heard is good for the body.

So how did I do today? Pretty bad. Sleep Indicator: I slept 2 hours 41 minutes last night, and I’m currently lagging behind the 7.5 hour daily sleep with my average time in bed at 7 hours for the past 21 nights. Ouch! Will sleep very soon. Exercise Indicator: I did do 2 strength training exercises today (full pushups and flat straight leg raises), but only came up with the walk the rest of the exercise session when I was commuting to work. Will implement the walking starting tomorrow. Digestive System Indicator: I excreted feces thrice today, so that’s been good. All three times were smooth. Hope I can continue to stay the course.



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