Start Small Is Bearing Fruits

By PhreddieH3 at English Wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Sleep per Day: (Target) 7h30m / day (Actual) 7h29m / day (104 day average)

When I decided to abandon perfection for action and start small for investing, exercising, writing, sleeping, and volunteering 2 months ago, I would not have imagined the difference it has made to me.

Constantly writing one blog post per 1-2 days has made me exceptionally aware of myself in terms of what I want and how I’m doing.

It has given me much more conviction to cut losses on investment mistakes and hold onto correct investments that are going through volatility, with the reverse of both being the biggest problems I had in investing.

It has made exercising absolutely not an excuse when I only needed to do the calisthenics once / week, and the consistency has made me much stronger and given me much more energy. I’m now contemplating increasing the exercise frequency due to always wanting to exercise my energy, which was something I never would’ve contemplated before.

It has allowed me to repay all my sleep debt and be aware of how to better monitor and regulate my sleep, allowing me to carefully avoid burning out.

It has also allowed to persist with volunteering with Crossroads for 2 months every Saturday and have the confidence knowing that Crossroads is indeed not a great fit for me based on a bigger sample of volunteer experiences than making a split second decision based on just one volunteer experience.

I’ve really enjoyed this experience of reading, learning, thinking and writing during my spare time, and can’t wait to continue to reap the benefits of consistency 🙂


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