Authentic Relationships Are Important For Me

By Balaji Kasirajan (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

All Time Sleeping Average: (Target) 7h30m / day (Actual) 7h34m / day (140 night average)

3 Day Sleeping Average: (Target) 7+h / day (Actual) 8h51m / day (7h51m, 9h09m, 9h34m)

I remember telling my friend over dinner that the question that I keep hearing that supposedly helps you identify your passion has never made sense to me. “If I were to die tomorrow, I’d spend time with family and friends today, as simple as that.”

“Maybe your passion is family and friends?”

A light bulb went off. Maybe that is what I’m passionate about.

And I think a very big reason of why I’m so obsessed with saving, investing and ultimately achieving financial freedom is not because I desire the Ferraris or Lamborghinis in life, but because it literally gives me freedom to be who I am without fearing any repercussions that threaten my survival.

To me, my source of joy has always been being genuine to others and myself, and having lots and lots of authentic relationships. I try be as genuine and authentic as possible in life and work, but there’s always a lingering few areas where I’m unable to speak my mind fully without incurring repercussions that threaten my survival.

I don’t lie per se, but I’m forced to not speak the full truth.

And using the power of “start small“, I’ve built up my discipline muscle to the point where I’m actively systematically reaching out to friends I’ve known but haven’t talked to for a long time. After all in my experience, friendships that aren’t maintained just die or cool down, and it becomes very difficult to revive it back to the warmth it had before once it cools down.

I don’t want to die knowing I could’ve had one more catch up with my friends.


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