Snowball Blessing Structure

4 months ago I wrote “The Snowball Blessing Manifesto“, outlining my philosophy that those who are engaged in the game of compounding wealth are the lucky few and as a result we have a moral obligation to give back to society using the power of compounding.

But it was just an abstract concept. I didn’t really know in what shape or form I wanted to bring good to society through the power of compounding.

That was until I had one of the most mind blowing conversations ever yesterday that revolved around political theory and philosophy.

Now the path is much more clear.

To me, one of the most important issue that faces humanity is the survival of humans as a species if we were to stay on planet Earth. It’s why Elon Musk thinks humans need to be a multi-planetary species if we are to survive as a species, and I wholeheartedly agree and support him on this endeavor.

But more importantly, in order for humanity to survive until we become a multi-planetary species, we need to also ensure the effects of climate change is either delayed as long as possible (if pessimistic) or eliminated completely (if optimistic).

That’s where I think Snowball Blessing comes into place – To improve the probability of human species’ survival through the pursuit of sustainable energy which helps delay / eliminate the effects of climate change.

Which coincidentally makes Snowball Blessing take up a different meaning. Not only does Snowball symbolize compounding, it now also symbolizes the combating of climate change so that future generations can enjoy things such as snow during the winter or up in the high mountains.

And to achieve this goal, I think setting up Snowball Blessing as a charity trust is way too limiting in terms of choice of endeavors that the trust can engage in, but also the limitations of being hands on with such endeavors as well.

Instead I envision Snowball Blessing to look more like this:

Snowbal Blessing

Where Snowball Blessing is a holding company which has three subsidiaries, namely:

  • Snowball Ventures which focuses on investing in and growing startups (branding / strategy) that are focused on sustainable energy
  • Snowball Fund which focuses on investing in (stocks) or lending (bonds) to public companies that are focused on sustainable energy
  • Snowball Philanthropy which focuses on donating to non-profits that are either focused on advocacy of a sustainable environment or focused on spending donations to directly improve environmental sustainability

In terms of the source of funding, it would be from my personal investment portfolio instead of being structured in any corporate form either than possibly a limited partnership. This allows for the maximum freedom in terms of asset class and region, but also allows me to invest with an extremely long time horizon as I would possess patient capital.


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