Planning My Europe Trip

I’ve been having the idea of a Europe trip for a very long time.

I have a friend from Veldhoven (small town near Eindhoven) whom I’ve known since 2004 / 2005. We met through a game called Space Federation Galactic Conquest, a very text based game, where we were first opponents before joining forces together in the same alliance.

But our friendship extended beyond just gaming.

He introduced me to the world of professional association football, and got me hooked on supporting PSV Eindhoven when I heard about the warm stories he shared about PSV being a very family club that really cared about its fans.

He also, unsuccessfully, tried to get me in the dating scene when I was in Secondary, haha. It failed miserably not because of him, but because the person I liked never was interested in me to begin with. But I’m forever grateful for his encouragement and support throughout the whole ordeal.

And he’s taught and shared a lot with me on other things too, but most importantly, his optimism in seeing a way through has always inspired me when I see the set of troubles he’s been through before (and believe me, they are not easy).

And the surprising thing is, this friendship has been going on even though we haven’t met before! So I’ve decided to use my Regret Averse Fund to go visit him considering I can afford the trip to Europe since I have so much left over from last year and haven’t used much this year.

I don’t want to regret not seeing this friend when I have the ability and opportunity to do so.

And since I’m going to be in Europe, I figured I might visit a few other friends in the European continent.

So let’s talk about the logistics.

In terms of the cities, I’ll be going to Eindhoven, Preverenges, Lausanne, London and Glasgow.

In terms of dates,

  •  I’ll be in Manila Apr 27-29th and can fly from Manila on Apr 29th or fly back to Hong Kong before flying to Eindhoven on Apr 30th
  • I’d like to be in Eindhoven in time for the last home match of the season, which is May 1st.
  • I’d like to be in London after May 2nd since one of my London-based friends is free after May 2nd.

Using this wesbite called Rome2rio to plan my overall trip, I’ve realized the whole trip will cost around 16.6K HKD – 17.3K HKD on transportation alone (depending on if departing from Hong Kong or Manila), which I should be able to cover with my 12.2K HKD Regret Averse fund, 2.6K HKD half a month budget, and 5K HKD lucky draw money from a recent company event.

That leaves me with 2.8 – 3.5K HKD for everything else.

Considering the trip to and from Europe will take ~24 hours and each European trip ~12 hours, I can expect to use 84 hours for travelling.

Which means if I left on Apr 30th, I won’t make it to Eindhoven before May 1st and the PSV Eindhoven home match.

So I have to travel from Manila.

Assuming I left Manila Apr 29th 23:55 on an Emirates flight, then I’d arrive at Apr 30 13:15 at Amsterdam to get picked up by my Dutch friend.

I’d spend a full day in Eindhoven on May 1st (PSV Eindhoven home match and sightseeing).

Then I’d spend the whole of May 2nd to get to Preverenges and meet up my Finnish friend.

Then I’d travel to Lausanne (on the way to London), have lunch with my Hong Kong friend, then get to London at May 3rd (fingers crossed have dinner that night with my Italian friend and my Malaysian friend).

Then I’d probably have a day to check out London before I have dinner with my English friend on May 4th.

I’ll spend the whole of May 5th to get to Glasgow and meet up my other Malaysian friend.

Then I’ll head back to Asia on May 6th 13:30 on a KLM flight and arrive at Hong Kong at May 7th 10:20.

Then I’ll proceed to reverse my jetlag over the next 2-3 days.

Not much sightseeing, just maximizing my opportunities to meet up with my friends. But I can so see myself being very exhausted by all the traveling…

The only question left is do I have a place to crash at London. If I don’t have a place to crash at London, I will take London out of my trip, which would make my trip more relaxing and potentially reduce the budget required as well (although I may use the extra money for the extra days).

Anyhow, the plan sounds good and I’ll go ahead and submit my annual leave request to my line manager. Once places to crash and annual leave are confirmed, I’ll go ahead and make my bookings.


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