About This Blog

About me (Stefen Zhao)

1602200_10152437713936732_4665514195435867574_oBeing genuine to people (and myself) is very important to me.

The legacy I want to leave behind by the time I die is to inspire people to use the power of compound interest to positively change the world.

For me, the positive change in the world I’m passionate about are two things:

  • Supporting charities that have extremely high bang for buck (eg. GiveWell’s Top Charities)
  • Invest in companies long term that are good corporate citizens (tries their best to be fair to all stakeholders) and provide products / services that societies can’t live without.

When it comes to investing, I believe there’s many roads that lead to Rome. I personally am a strong advocate of indexing for the uninitiated and strong fan of an investment style between Charlie Munger and Joel Greenblatt.

About this blog

This blog is my eulogy. I will write down thoughts that are important to me at that period of time.

[Updated as of August 13th 2016]



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